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Safety and Health Practitioner Program 10th Anniversary

As hard as it is to believe the 10th anniversary of the Practitioner program is upon us.  Part of our plan to commemorate this milestone includes getting the success stories about you, our graduates.

The Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program was designed to elevate the standard of safety in Nevada by providing consistent, regulatory awareness training in occupational safety and health, providing a foundation in OSHA standards and the State of Nevada safety requirements.

The curriculum was developed for a broad range of occupational settings, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, construction, service industries, and government agencies.  The program also takes into account employers with limited resources, and employees with limited time frames.

The program was started in late 2006, and the first person to complete the requirements was Mr. Rick Erickson (Declared on 6/1/2007 and completed on 10/1/2007).

The Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program was established to recognize those participants who have attended at least 27 SCATS training programs (10 core, 9 area of interest, and 8 electives) within a three year period.  The classes offered are either OSHA standard based or provide skills to ensure attendees are more effective in their safety and health responsibilities.  The program changed over the years, but so have OSHA regulations.

As of April 1, 2017 we have had 2410 participants sign up for the Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program and we have had 703 complete the program.