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Regulation Adopted – Revisions to Public Notices and Hearing Recordings

A regulation adopted by the Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry has been filed with the Secretary of State and has become effective upon filing. Regulation LCB File No. R027-23 is a regulation revising provisions of Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 618 relating to occupational safety; removing provisions requiring the publication of certain notices in newspapers; revising the form in which recordings of certain hearings are required to be kept; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Under current rules, if an application for a variance isn’t rejected because of errors, the Administrator must announce the application in at least two newspapers. The rules also say that within 10 days of making a final decision on the application, the Administrator must publish the decision in two newspapers (NAC 618.6334). Section 1 of this new rule removes these requirements.

The current rules let an affected employer or employee ask the Administrator for a hearing on a variance application (NAD 618.6343). The rules also say that such a hearing must be recorded either by stenography or audio recording (NAC 618.6373). Section 2 of this new rule instead requires that the hearing be recorded by stenography or electronic means.

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