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Safe Partners

The Safe Partner Award is designed to recognize employers that work closely with SCATS to increase both employer and employee knowledge of the value of safety in the workplace.  The Safe Partner Award is an elite program and is awarded to no more than 4 businesses per year out of the 80,000 employers in the State of Nevada. In general recognition is granted for utilizing a range of the different SCATS services over time.  Recipients are publicly recognized for having achieved the award through the publicity and recognition activities of the program.

Safe Partner Criteria

Employers must meet at least four criteria to qualify for the Safe Partner Award. Nevada employers can become eligible for the Safe Partner Award through meeting four of the ten following activities:

  1. Voluntarily request SCATS conduct at least 2 full-service Consultation surveys.
  2. Management implemented improved training activities for all employees.
  3. Management implemented improved inspection activities for all employees.
  4. Use of the lending library and/or technical assistance.
  5. Safety Representative or Management Official currently enrolled in/or graduated of Safety and Health Practitioner Program
  6. Make changes in policies and procedures that improve safety activities for all company locations.
  7. Communicate to all company locations the changes recommended by SCATS.
  8. Voluntarily request SCATS host an onsite class to train employees on pertinent regulations for their industry.
  9. Voluntarily request SCATS host an onsite class open to the public at your facility.
  10. Employees with safety responsibilities have attended 3 or more training classes.