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Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program

About the Program

The Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program was established to recognize those participants who have attended at least 27 SCATS training programs (10 mandatory classes, 9 core classes, and 8 electives) within a three year period. The classes offered are OSHA standard based and provide safety and health regulatory awareness training to attendees. The program is conducted in a learning-friendly setting

SCATS' Practitioner Program presentations provide a review of applicable OSHA regulations and associated hazard awareness, per topic. These publically offered classes may augment employee training; however, they may not be a substitute for, and are not in compliance with an employer's responsibility to train employees pursuant to OSHA standards.

You should gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to your work environment through a pertinent and practical curriculum. The curriculum consists entirely of classes that are already offered to the public on the SCATS training schedule which is available on this website.

SCATS classes and services are provided at no cost to our clients and there are no application or registration fees for this program.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program is to elevate the standard of safety in Nevada by providing consistent, regulatory awareness training in occupational safety and health. The program will also provide safety professionals the venue to develop and further their skills and expertise in the safety arena.

Program Focus

The curriculum has been developed for a broad range of occupational settings, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, construction, service industries, and government agencies. The program also takes into account employers with limited resources, and employees with limited time for attending classes.

Classroom Strategies

Classes in the Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate Program focus on methods and techniques involving: hands-on applications, safety and health program development, class projects, scenario based problem solving, foundations for instructional presentations, investigation and analysis of workplace accidents, and safety and health management tools.

Time Frames

A Safety and Health Practitioner Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the curriculum within a specified time frame. Once your application has been submitted, you have three years from that date to complete the program. If you previously attended SCATS training classes, listed on the curriculum, prior to the date of your application the three year time period may be based on the starting date of those courses. The practitioner certificate will expire three years after the issue date. To recertify, the practitioner must complete 12 SCATS classes within three years of the certificate expiration date.

For more information on on how to achieve your safety certification, call SCATS at (702) 486-9140.