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OSHA 10/30 Hour Card Renewal Requirements Changed

As of June 10, 2015 OSHA 10/30 hour construction refresher training is no longer required.

The Nevada State legislature passed SB 233, which removes the requirement for a 10/30 hour refresher course for those holding 10 or 30 hour construction cards. The Governor signed this bill, and it became law as of June 10, 2015.

This means that if a person has the 10 or 30 hour OSHA construction card, Nevada no longer requires that they have refresher training, and the card is considered valid regardless of the date of issue. 

It is still required that a person have an OSHA 10 or 30 hour construction card in order to work on a construction site in the state of Nevada.

If a person loses their card, they can get a replacement card if the card is less than 3 years old by contacting the trainer that issued the card originally.  If a card is lost and is over 3 years old, the OSHA Training Institute will not replace it, and the person must retake the class to obtain a new one.

All SCATS 10/30 hour construction refresher training classes have been canceled.