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Nevada SCATS Unveils New COVID-19 Informational Video for Grocery Store Safety

To protect the health and safety of all Nevadans, the Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) of the State of Nevada’s Division of Industrial Relations has unveiled a new informational video containing key resources, current regulations and important workplace safety details for grocery stores amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grocery stores have become one of the most essential services over the past two months as people stock up on necessary supplies. The new video outlines ways for grocery stores to protect their workforce and customers. It includes ideas for an effective social distancing plan, basic workplace hazard education tips, cleaning best practices, resources for employers, how to ensure sick employees stay home and more. The video can be found on our new COVID-19 Resources Page, which is designed to keep Nevadans working in a variety of essential industries updated on the latest information and guidance surrounding COVID-19 to protect the safety and health of our communities.

“The health and safety of grocery store workers and shoppers is absolutely paramount,” said SCATS Chief Administrative Officer, Todd Schultz. “SCATS is dedicated to providing grocery stores with the information and resources they need to ensure stores are following social distancing practices, are cleaned frequently and ultimately are cutting down on the spread of COVID-19.”

The video also provides additional resources from other state and federal agencies, including Nevada Health Response, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, OSHA and the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health’s Environmental Health Section. The COVID-19 Resources Page includes the State of Nevada’s COVID-19 informational website, CDC interim guidance for businesses and employees and more. The page also offers a library of PDF documents covering guidance and regulations surrounding COVID-19. Visitors to the page can find key information on the current state of emergency, and up-to-date guidelines for businesses in a variety of crucial industries, including grocery stores.

For more information on SCATS, including details on COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, resources and other materials offered by SCATS free of charge, please call 1-877-4SAFENV or visit our COVID-19 Resource Page.