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Large Gathering Venue COVID-19 Event Planning Checklist

A COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan is required for large gatherings at:
  • Events with 2,500 Fixed Seating Capacity or More that want to host an event or gathering for more than 250 people. These venues are capped at 10% of the venue’s total seated capacity.
  • Trade Shows, Conferences, Conventions, Professional Seminars & Large Business Meetings in excess of 250 people, which are capped at a total of 1,000 total attendees and/or registrants.
This checklist will help event sponsors prepare for a successful event and draft an event-specific operational plan. This checklist is not intended to fully inform you of every provision regarding COVID-19 prevention and mitigation. Knowing those is your responsibility. The plan and any supporting documents must fully address all elements on the list. Failure to address all items may result in your event being delayed, disapproved or closed.