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It’s 300A Summary Time!

OK, how many of you have completed you 2015 300A Summary?  Everyone?  Great!  If not, you only have about 2 weeks to get them done.   OSHA requires that all businesses that are required to maintain OSHA 300 Logs are to have their 300A Summary’s posted by February 1st.  Do not post your 300 Log. (29 CFR 1904.32)

Next question.  How long is the Summary required to be posted?  Until April 30th is correct. (29 CFR 1904.32)

 What’s that?  Who has to sign the summary?  Normally a company executive.  If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership the owner would be correct.  If it is a corporate owned business there are three answers, a corporate officer, the highest ranking company official working at the location, or the immediate supervisor of the highest ranking company official working at the location. (29 CFR 1904.32)

No, you can’t just post one summery for all of your locations.  How many do you have to post?  You must post one summery for each location. (29 CFR 1904.30)

In case you haven’t noticed the answers to these questions are pretty easy to find in the OSHA standard indicated after each question.  If you don’t have access to a book of standards you can get answers to many questions about the 300 Log and the 300A on the OSHA website at or by contacting your local SCATS office.

The 300 Log and 300A Summary are both available in fillable Excel and PDF formats acceptable to OSHA at  Don’t forget that if you are downloading the 300 Log from the website that it will be in the 8 1/2 X 17 inch format. The 300A Summary is also in the 81/2 X 17 inch format.

For answers to questions about 300 Logs, to talk to one of our consultants, or for a schedule of training courses offered at no charge by SCATS, call toll free 1.877.4SAFENV [1-(877)-472-3368], or visit,