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As of July 20, 2021, there is updated COVID-19 guidance

On July 20, 2021, the Clark County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting to consider the recommendations of the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) regarding face coverings and possible mitigation measures to address the spread of COVID-19.

Effective July 21, 2021, the Board has adopted the following rules applicable throughout Clark County, including municipalities located therein:

1. All employers are required to ensure their employees wear face covering while working indoors, either with members of the public or in close contact with coworkers. Employees who have separate offices and workspaces need not wear masks while in those spaces. Face covering exemptions previously listed in the Governor’s Directive 45, Section 4 and medical exemptions under Directive 24, Section 7 are applicable in this Amendment.

2. Effective 8:00 a.m. on Friday, July 23, 2021, all employers open to the public are required to post new signage encouraging vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons to follow the SNHD’s guidelines on mask wearing indoors. Suggested signage is available from the SNHD, but businesses may use any signage as long as it includes the suggested SNHD language.

3. Grocery stores, non-restricted gaming licensees at a hotel/resort property, indoor malls and other indoor venues hosting gatherings of more than 250 non-employee attendees are required to submit a COVID plan. Plans must be submitted electronically using a survey format and completed by 8:00 a.m. on July 26, 2021. Only one plan needs to be submitted per employer and/or venue management.

4. This Amendment remains in place until August 17, 2021, when the Clark County Board of Commissioners will revisit these requirements at their regularly scheduled meeting of that date.

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