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Do it Best Corp.

"They have just been tremendous at creating a very open door... a place where I feel confident and comfortable to be able to share any questions or concerns that we have."


Do it Best Corp.
Wendy Kinney - General Manager

Do it Best is a hardware cooperative. We have approximately 3,800 member-owners across 54 countries. Here in Mesquite, we are one of eight retail service centers and a retail service center exists purely to distribute to our member-owners. So our members are able to order product through us on an online catalog and then have a route. They have a route delivery set each week, sometimes members have two deliveries a week, and so each day, our orders - we come in, we go out, we pick our orders, and we load them up on a truck and get those out and delivered to our members for them to sell to their guests. We had an opportunity here several years ago to improve and get better, in partnership with SCATS. And the folks that came here and visited our building did a phenomenal job of coming in and evaluating and saying, again, “This is a partnership where we can share some opportunities and things that you can get better,” and what we're learning is we can share some things that we're also doing that we do very well and we're able to share back with the SCATS team. I just can't say anything other than the fact that it's a win-win and never at any point did we feel exposed - that it was just really, again, a genuine partnership and honest look at where we're at and how we can get better. I mean, continuous improvement, that's really our motto at Do it Best and really something we're going through right now, and the best way to continuously improve is to partner and get that extra set of eyes. They have just been tremendous at creating a very open door, a revolving door, and again, a place where I feel confident and comfortable to be able to share any questions or concerns that we have. And likewise, it's been great to have them come in and give us recognition and share with us the cleanliness of our building and the procedures that we're doing and just kind of, again, make us feel good - have somebody else come in from the outside and make you feel good about the operation you're running in a safe environment that you're providing for your team. If you have a question or a concern, it's a safe place for you to go and ask for help and say, “Hey, I'm not sure the best way to set this up. What are other alternatives or other options or what are other companies in the state doing to ensure that they've got a great safety program, a great recognition program?” Or just, again, “What are some tools and things that we can use to enhance and help our business and help our team be safe?”