September 2012 - Effective Safety Committees

All too often it seems that employers consider their safety committees to be ineffective and a complete waste of time and money. Ironically, employers who feel this way may have unwittingly been the source of their own problem by not having a clear concept of what goal they actually want their safety committee to accomplish and/or not selecting employees with the talent needed to accomplish that goal. In other words, some employers establish their safety committees with no clear mission, randomly selected members, expecting the committee to develop its own charter, and are actually surprised when their safety committee is not very effective!

There is no definitive rule delineating the specific role a safety committee should have in each business; however, all effective safety committees possess certain similar characteristics. In virtually every case, successful committees are provided with clear mission statements by management, allocated the necessary resources, and assigned membership with the appropriate skills and training needed to do it’s job efficiently and effectively.

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