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Endorsements and the OSHA Logo

Can OSHA approve my new product?

OSHA does not endorse commercial products.

While OSHA does not approve or endorse products, there are a small number of products which if used in a workplace do require approval before being acceptable to OSHA. Products which use electric energy, liquid petroleum gas, and fire suppression equipment, to name a few, must be "acceptable" to OSHA. This generally means that the product must be tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). An NRTL is a private-sector organization that OSHA has recognized as meeting the legal requirements in 29 CFR 1910.7 to perform testing and certification of products using consensus-based test standards. See the complete list of products requiring NRTL approval. Products that require testing and certification by an NRTL can be submitted directly to the NRTL for testing.

Can my company use the OSHA logo on our products?

The OSHA logo is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and carries all of the legal protections afforded by federal trademark registration. OSHA cannot approve, endorse, or promote the products or services of others, nor does the agency allow the use of its logo to endorse private entities, products or services.