October 2015 - www.osha.gov and You

Submitted by Stephen Rodgers
How many of you have been to the OSHA website?  How many of you know OSHA has a website?  The OSHA website has many resources that can make your jobs and lives so much easier. 
A perfect example was the topic of last months’ tip, Emergency Action Plans (EAP).  If you look at the devastation in the Carolinas’ you realize how important they are.  How many lives could have been saved and how much money and other resources?  
The OSHA website can give you the tools and information to do just that, save lives, save resources, and avoid those nasty visits form OSHA Enforcement.  Look at any of the topics we have discussed in the past several years in this forum and you will find a page on the OSHA website to help you comply with the standards.
Another good example is the Global Harmonized System (GHS).  The confusion and lack of clarity you feel can be eliminated by learning the facts.  How do you learn the fact?   By visiting OSHAs website, attending one of SCATS many training classes on GHS, or just calling us.  
Ok, I know it’s not time to post your 300 logs yet but why wait until the day before to review and understand what’s required?  Under recording injuries will cost you in fines but, over recording can cost you money too.  The national requirements for reporting injuries and illnesses have changed recently but the state requirement have not yet, due to legislative issues.  What are you required to do?  That depends, but for the most part, if you follow the federal reporting requirements you are safe.  If you have any questions you can always contact your local SCATS office for specific guidance.
In general I would recommend checking the OSHA website, attending SCATS classes, and calling your local SCATS office whenever you have questions.  All three of these options only cost you your time, which is a great deal when you consider the alternatives.
For the answers to these and many other questions, or for a schedule of training courses offered at no charge by SCATS, call toll free 1.877.4SAFENV [1-(877)-472-3368], or visit, www.4safenv.state.nv.us.