November 2012 - 10 and 30 Hour Construction Card Renewals

With many Construction OSHA 10 and 30 cards nearing their 5-year anniversary (5-years from date of issue), Nevada OSHA has issued guidelines for employers and employees to remain in compliance with NRS 618.950-990/NAC 618.990-9927 and be eligible to work on construction sites.

The employee may retake the OSHA 10 or 30 initial course from an Authorized OSHA Trainer and receive a new card; or

The employee may complete a continuing education course taught by a Qualified Continuing Education Trainer (QCET) that provides 5-hours of instruction for OSHA 10, and 15 hours of instruction for OSHA 30 renewal.
     The classes must be completed within 6-months of starting the training and prior to the 5 year anniversary of the OSHA Card.  Starting on the completion date of this training, a new 5 year qualification begins.
     The training subject matter must include:

  • 1 hour of Intro to OSHA
  • 2 hours of the Focus Four (Electrical, Stuck By, Falls, and Caught in)
  • 2 hours on topics specific to the industry the employee works in.

When this option is chosen, no new card is issued. Therefore, it is important that the employer and employee both retain copies of the completed training documentation to include instructor, subject, date, hours, the name of the attendee.  If OSHA should inspect an employer and request this proof, it should be readily accessible.

Those who may provide continuing education (per NAC 618.9927):

  • An OSHA Authorized Trainer (one who has completed the OSHA 500 course); or
  • A QCET who has 3 or more years overseeing OSHA matters in the construction field; or
  • A QCET who has 2 or more years overseeing OSHA matters in the construction field AND
    • has a college degree in safety AND is a CIH or CSP

This information supersedes any previous interpretations.

SCATS provides free 10-30 classes, schedules can be found at as well as links to additional outreach providers.