January 2014 - It's Time For Your 300A

Don’t forget, OSHA requires that all businesses that are required to maintain OSHA 300 Logs to have their 300A summaries posted by February 1. If you need assistance with your 300 Log or completing the 300A, please contact Don Evans in our Henderson office for help. Don specializes in this area as well as teaching the OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping classes. Don can be reached on his direct line at (702) 486-9142 or you can email him.

You can find many answers to questions about the 300 Log and the 300A on the OHSA website. Don’t forget that if you are downloading the 300 Log from the website that it must be in the 81/2 X 17 inch format. 29 CFR 1904 provides the standards for the record keeping requirements and is also available on the OSHA website.

SCATS offers classes on the OSHA 300 log and record keeping on a regular basis. You can register for classes on our website.