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Cooperative Programs

OSHA has created a Partnership Program and an Alliance Program to build trusting, cooperative, and collaborative relationships regarding the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. These programs provide the opportunity for OSHA to partner with employers, workers, trade or professional organizations, businesses, labor unions, educational institutions, government agencies, and/or other interested stakeholders. Both programs allow participating organizations to gain recognition as a proactive leader in safety and health.

OSHA’s Partnership Program establishes specific goals, strategies, and performance measures to improve worker safety and health. The Alliance Program encourages organizations to work together by reaching out, educating, and leading employers and their employees in the effort to strengthen workplace safety and health.

For more information regarding OSHA’s Cooperative Programs, please visit OSHA’s website at  or contact the State of Nevada, Safety Consultation and Training Section at 1-877-472-3368